Professional Supervision

Working in Human Services can feel a lot like juggling.


We often find ourselves managing multiple competing demands - case loads, operational tasks, supporting staff, problem solving, the list can seem endless. Sometimes we can suddenly find ourselves juggling too many things and it doesn't take much for everything to come crashing down. This is where supervision can be of benefit. 

Supervision is an important tool for reflective practice and when used effectively it can be a forum for:

- sharing concerns 

- discussing best practice

- reassurance and confidence building

- constructive feedback

- problem solving

- support through difficulties


 At CYP Solutions we believe the following 3 elements* are essential for enabling individuals to experience the true benefits of supervision:


- The creation of a safe space for the individual to look at their practice and its impact on them as a person.

- The opportunity to debrief, giving the individual permission to talk about feelings - particularly fear, anger, sadness, repulsion or helplessness.

- The opportunity for individuals to explore emotional blocks to their work. 

Supervision Sessions

Sessions usually last for an hour, but longer sessions can be organised if required (additional fees apply).

All our supervisors are registered with the Australian Clinical Supervision Association and operate in accordance with their code of ethics.

Most people find regular supervision sessions to be of particular benefit to their ongoing professional development and needs. We can work with you to determine a level of frequency that suits your personal circumstances, including irregular or additional sessions - subject to availability.

Contact us to discuss how we might be able to help with your supervision needs.



*Morrison (2001)